Cult of the Covetous Narcissistic Sociopath

“There'd be no such thing as narcissistic abuse if it weren't for the enablers.”
― ologsinquito, (Why I Believe the Narcissist's Enablers Are Also Guilty)

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Narcissist the predator - The importance of your silence ― by Dr. Carmen Bryant

TRAUMA-BASED MIND CONTROL & CRUEL RACKETEERING: “Without understanding the worldwide agenda of trauma based mind control, we cannot understand our participation in the constructs put in place to keep it going. […] Medical professionals and patients are indoctrinated to commit and accept the abuse of their fellow human being as appropriate, while stripping them of their human dignity, choice and wellbeing, all in the name of health care. […] This leads to easy forms of mind control, social conditioning to accept anti-human behavior, taking mind altering pharmaceuticals, believing that a pill will cure problems, serious suffering while in disease states, and finally dark force possession. […] The Anti-Human Agenda is to deny the existence of Individualism and individual Soul, and to refuse to treat people as unique individuals capable of autonomy and Self-Leadership. To become unified as a species, it requires that we remove the many societal labels and manufactured classifications and be able to see people as unique individuals with their own individual behavior based upon their unique soul Blueprint. Individuals should be considered competent based upon their own demonstrated behaviors and personal merits, and to know that all unique souls on the earth belong to the human race and are worthy of respect, dignity and opportunity. Simultaneously, barbaric and cruel behaviors which have been made acceptable within poverty stricken, survival orientated and violent cultures must be corrected through re-education. As well, there must be consequences for violent behavior and that which is directing intentional harm, in an enlightened society that protects freedom and values human lives.” ― Lisa Renee, (Anti-Soul Agenda)

NPD / EPD / WEAK COWARDLY ADULT BULLIES: “‘The denial of the true Self is a declension from Truth.’ In the last analysis, in constructing and clinging to their false selves, the entire persona of the NPD is a big lie. That being so, I have come to believe that NPD is not a psychological disorder at all, but a moral and spiritual disorder. Allow me to explain. An intrinsic attribute of the NPD syndrome is deception of oneself and of others in the service of maintaining the grandiose false self. Philosopher René Descartes wrote that ‘Willful deception evinces maliciousness and weakness.’ A person does not deceive Without thinking about and willing it. One does not lie unless one intends to hide the Truth, which means that one, knows that one is being deceptive. Nor can the NPD put Together and maintain the elaborate and intricate NPD syndrome of attributes (e.g., using Others for self-aggrandizement, attractive social mask, secrecy, evasion, lying, scapegoating, etc.) Without conscious effort.

Psychologists say that, in their quiet moments, NPDs know that they are not really as grandiose as they pretend. When NPDs cynically use others to ‘feed’ their false self, they know it. When they overreact to perceived criticisms, they know what the truth is. When they lie to conceal their inadequacies, they have chosen to deceive. When they scapegoat others, they do so with deliberation. And when they refuse to apologize, they know they are in the wrong. All of which means that free will is fully engaged in this so-called ‘disorder.’ In effect, the NPD is more than a mental sickness. Pathological narcissism is not some noxious virus or bacteria that overtake a person. Whatever the early childhood experiences, free will is still operative here. Rather, NPD is a moral disorder, because it is immoral to lie and to use, exploit, blame, and hurt others. More than immoral, NPD is, at its foundation, a spiritual blight.


The malignant narcissist is more than immoral, she is evil. In his book, People of the Lie, Peck proposed to the psychological profession a new diagnostic category of the ‘evil personality disorder’ (EPD) as a sub-type of NPD. As he put it, ‘The evil are ‘the people of the lie,’ deceiving others as they also build layer upon layer of self-deception.’ And when the narcissist intentionally hurts another, she has crossed the line from being an NPD to being an EPD. In Peck's words, ‘evil individuals will flee self-examination and guilt by blaming and attempting to destroy whatever or whoever highlights their deficiencies.’”


OUTSOURCING ONES PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY: “The ones who forgive evil, are evil. Because… it's a domino effect. ‘I need forgiveness for the evils I've done, but the best way to afford that to myself, ya know, to make sure it's guaranteed, is I forgive all the ones who did evil to me’. And that passes… that's christianity by the way, in a nutshell.” ― Michael Tsarion, (Episode 212: The Feminism Fraud)

THE SERIAL PROVOKER: “Serial provokers are experts at seeking out flexible, easy-going people. They exploit this quality by constantly provoking their targets with covert jabs, minimization, veiled humor, and patronization. The target will attempt to avoid conflict by remaining pleasant, choosing to forgive & excuse this behavior in favor of maintaining harmony. But the serial provoker will continue to aggravate the target until they finally snap.” ―

FAKE IMAGE / JANUS-FACED CHAMELEON: “The narcissist will do whatever it takes to maintain the fake image that they are impersonating to fool people as long as possible. The fake image is used as a shield, or a cover to hide behind, in order to get away with all the cruel things that they do to others, without being suspected or held accountable for doing such life damaging things to people.” ― Jennuine Soul, (🕵️🔎5 Ways to spot the Narcissistic Fake Image🔍🕵️)

IMPRESSION MANAGEMENT: “Psychopaths are by definition masters of emotional disguise. If there were an Olympics for impression management, psychopaths would be frequent and exultant medalists—they, more than most liars, are capable of subterfuge in matters large and small. Indeed, psychopathy evolved, according to one line of thinking, because there is great value in exploiting the vast majority who conform to social norms. It is a lonely niche, worth occupying precisely because it is foreign to most people.” ― Kaja Perina, (Psychopaths are the Olympians of impression management)

JEZEBEL DÆMON / THE SEDUCING SPIRIT OF JEZEBEL: Unmasking the evil embodied within ‘The Spirit of Jezebel’ - [Download Free eBook]

SUB-PERSONALITY / ROBOTIC: “Remember the Vampiric Strategy Sub-Personality does not care one jot about its host, YOU!! All it cares about is to perform its robotic programmed function of gaining attention and love and energy from everyone around them. The Strategies of the Vampire.” ―, (Energy Enhancement Meditation Course Level 3 - Initiation 5: Removing the Strategies of the Psychopathic Energy Vampire!!)

RUTHLESS HUMANOID REFLEX MACHINES WITHOUT CONSCIENCE / ESCAPE ABUSE: “Narcissists are often described as ‘machines’ because their signal behaviors (such as devaluing, communication blocking, raging, and so forth) occur like knee-jerk reactions. No normal person could imitate a narcissist. No matter how well-versed in narcissistic behavior you are, you cannot deduce the narcissistic reaction to a given stimulus fast enough. […] I call narcissists ‘projection machines’” ― Kathy Krajco, (What Makes Narcissists Tick: Understanding Narcissistic Personality Disorder)

ESCAPE ABUSE / NARCISSISTIC ABUSE WAR ZONE / LEGAL MURDER: “That's right. you cant beat them coz they have done this many times before. They have tools to test your acceptance of their behaviour. As said its best just to escape to a new town because they basically have the psychopathic mindset of a serial killer only their act is slower, more calculated and legal. Maybe the best thing to do is tell as many people as possible of your suspicions immediately, sure you will damage yourself but this will damage their game much more and as you have identified yourself as a victim any further act against you will validate your claim. This is the only way you win, you both go down then you get up and brush yourself off, but their shit sticks. Best to ‘use’ your contacts in this way to prevent them being lost. This form of attack is the best defense.” ― fair comment by Paul Pavro, (How to Win a War with a Narcissist)

WEAK-WILLED ENABLERS / CHILD ABUSERS: “Many people believe they're immune from the effects of narcissistic abuse…until they get fired from their job, their pet is harmed or killed, they have a psychotic breakdown, or their child commits suicide due to constant verbal assaults and being made to feel unworthy.” ― Kim Saeed, (The Chaos Theory of Narcissistic Abuse)

CULT MEMBERS / NARCISSIST ENABLERS / FLYING MONKEYS: “…when you go, and you share honestly about how you feel about your relationship, you've already been sabotaged. When you discover that a narcissist has been using triangulation, and often times we find out too late, that the narcissist has been going behind our back, talking to our friends and family and co-workers, sometimes it's too late, right? You're going to feel like you want to implode and collapse and fall apart, and that's a very natural feeling. But it's really important that you prepare yourself, because there are going to be a lot of people that you need to go ‘no contact’ with perhaps, or go ‘gray rock’ with, or just remember ‘shutty shutty’, say nothing around certain people. Because it's going to be important for you to save your sanity and to hold on to your energy, because all of these people now, …they want to leech your energy out of you. They have been convinced by the narcissist that you're the one that's wrong. And you don't want to take your amazing mojo spiritual energy, and waste it trying to convince people that they're wrong in their perception about you.” ― Lisa A. Romano, Breakthrough Life Coach Inc., (Do THIS When A Narcissist's Turns People AGAINST YOU!)

CULT OF PSYCHIATRY / AGENT SABOTEURS: “In psychiatry, we are not ever taught, what is…a ‘normal’ human being. […] I tried to send emails, ‘please please please, define what it is to be a normal human being before you start saying what is abnormal’. Of course it was just deleted. But today, diagnostic statistical manual, lists every ‘normal’ …behaviour of any of us, as a mental illness. That is atrocious. They can take any of us into asylum, because there's also a paragraph saying that, ‘you can harm a patient, if it is for research... future research’. And imagine, medical doctors who have an oath of Hippocrates―never to harm a patient. This is official, done by American Psychiatric Association.” ― Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen Kilde, (Covert Harassment Conference)

CULT OF THE "SAFE": “False love enslaves, whereas true love frees.”Michael Tsarion, (Psychic Vampirism … PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENCE)

PEER PRESSURE DEATH CULT•URE: “Fear brings spiritual death. To show this dynamic in another way, let's describe a common thought for alters of Monarch slaves. This thought is ‘If I stay with the programming I’m safe.’ This is the same thought that society in general is taught via fear of self-preservation. ‘If I stay with the crowd, if I stay with the system, then I will be safe.’ This is why peer pressure, which seems safe, can lead many young people into death.” ― Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, (The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave)

CULT PROGRAMMING / FEAR-BASED MIND CONTROL: Celebrities And What Their Actual Function Is ― by Rebecca Barron, (FindTheLight rb)

COERCIVE CONTROL / INTIMATE TERRORISM: “Both men and women have gone to jail for coercive control… coercive control and narcissistic abuse go hand in hand with each other.”Christine Louis de Canonville, (Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Support Network)

JOY KILLERS: When Narcissists Are Joy Killers ― by Jody, (My Own Keeper)

PERNICIOUS ABUSE / SERIAL KILLERS, TORTURERS & THIEVES: “Narcissists are murderers, who take far more than just people's lives.” ― Peter Leyshan

DUPING DELIGHT / CON ARTIST: “This person here, is …trying to destroy another person, on a custody battle. Now watch what she does. …Her body language reveals that she's a big fat liar. … When she's saying yes, she shakes her head no. And then she's got this duper's delight on her lip right here. It's called duper's delight when she thinks she's fooled somebody. … They can't hide much longer, these psychopaths, narcissists, jezebels can't hide much longer.” ―, (Dupers Delight Body Language, by a Lying Sociopathic Accuser!)

COVETOUS NARCISSISTIC SOCIOPATH: “She's different. I tried to get her help, but she has a way of making people see what she wants them to see.” ― Martha Norwood [Veronika Hadrava] in Secrets of My Stepdaughter (2017) ║ “Do I really look like I need help? I have the whole world wrapped around my little finger, you of all people should know that by now. And if I don't get what I want, there are consequences.” ― Rachel Kent [Tiera Skovbye] in Secrets of My Stepdaughter, [AKA] A Murderer Upstairs (2017)

STEALTHY SOCIAL PREDATORS / SERIAL SOUL KILLERS / IDENTITY THIEF: “You're a narcissist who resents every single second of attention not given to you. I'm here to tell you that whatever else is coming to you, you will never... ever escape what you are.” ― Jill Barker [Felicity Jones] in True Story (2015)

EXPOSE TOXIC ABUSIVE PERSONS: : “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.” ― Anne Lamott

SILENCE IS COMPLICITY / WHAT YOU ALLOW  IS WHAT WILL CONTINUE: “I'm here to expose them for the criminals they are.”Lisette SQ, author of ‘Exit the House of Mirrors’, (Evil Narcissist & a Sadist in Human Form)

CONSCIENCE / THE 7TH SENSE OF HUMANITY: “NEVER WORRY about who will be offended if you speak the TRUTH. Worry about who will be misled, deceived & destroyed if you don't.”Forged by Truth

Narcissists Try To Destroy Your Life With Lies
Because Theirs Can Be Destroyed With The Truth

Peter Leyshan - Whist Echo, (SOüL)

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